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Planning Ahead with Huffmaster’s Strike Solutions

When working in an industry with unions and potential labor disputes, it is imperative to plan ahead. Proper implementation of a strike contingency plan can save businesses exceptional time and money. Because business owners and managers know when […]

Finding Your Off-Site Security

The New Year is nearly here and many companies are re-evaluating their security needs. Though the economy is beginning to see some recovery, businesses still need to locate security that fully safeguards their location in an affordable way. […]

Short-Term Replacement Staff for your Location

When a strike threatens daily operations at a company, business owners work quickly to correct the issue and get workers back to their daily positions. It is the hope that the labor dispute can be corrected quickly. While […]

Determining Your Disaster Readiness

Newer technologies are increasing our awareness of natural disaster. We now have more time to properly prepare. Households now have more time to get their families to safety.  However, disaster readiness is a much more complicated project for […]

Preventing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a real threat for companies in any industry. The United States Department of Labor estimates that as many as 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year. This can include threats, verbal abuse, […]

Hiring the Right Security Staff

No matter what industry you are in, selecting the right security personnel is essential. This can be a difficult process for business owners and management teams. In many situations, companies know they need protection; however, they don’t know […]

Hospital Staffing in a Labor Dispute from Huffmaster

To run an efficient, well cared for healthcare facility, the hospital staffing must be committed to the constant care of the patients and upkeep of the location. However, healthcare strikes do happen. A labor dispute has the potential […]

Natural Disaster Assistance from Huffmaster

As we all learned earlier this month, no matter how prepared residents, businesses and public officials are for a disaster – natural disaster assistance is sometimes necessary. Natural disaster assistance can aid in a variety of ways from […]

Huffmaster’s University Strike Assistance

Universities and colleges often operate year round, thus it is critical that these facilities are properly staffed at all times. However, work stoppages do occur. A university strike can potentially stop the education at these facilities. Students often […]

Huffmaster’s Hurricane Disaster Relief Services

Hurricanes have the potential of completely destroying an entire community. It is currently hurricane season in the United States. According to the National Hurricane Weather Service (NHC), “Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November […]

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