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Huffmaster Business Secured at a Higher Level

Huffmaster Companies implements four technology upgrades

During summer 2018, Huffmaster Companies has invested in four technology upgrades to enhance the recruiting process and candidate experience. As we seek new ways to help our recruiters spend less time on data entry and more time focusing […]

Huffmaster Staffs 98% of Their Order First Day of Strike!

Well above the industry standard, Huffmaster Companies was able to have 98% of the strike staff scheduled to work the Allina Strike. Over 730 Nurses were onsite and ready to work, and it was all done over a […]

VirSec Reduces Crime and Saves Money

Not long ago, Art Van Furniture in Warren would follow a simple – yet time-consuming and expensive – routine: Every time one of its locations hosted a tent sale, the furniture and furnishings had to be transferred between […]

Correcting a Staffing Crisis During a Healthcare Strike

If a healthcare strike occurs, there is the possibility of a staffing crisis. The managers and owners of the organization must act quickly in order to locate the right workers to solve their staffing crisis. If they fail […]

Natural Disaster Services from Huffmaster

Is your business prepared for the potential of natural disasters? Do you and your staff have a full understanding of how to respond should a tornado, hurricane or flood damage your place of business? As a business owner, […]

Protecting Staff with Office Security

Office managers may think that office security is not necessary. Because they don’t handle the constant traffic of customers and outsiders, they believe that the location is safeguarded from threat. Additionally, when companies are experiencing financial difficulties, office […]

Plain Clothes Security Officer from Huffmaster

Every business is different. How you run and operate your company may be different than others in your industry. As a manager, it is your job to understand what makes your personnel and customers feel comfortable while maintaining […]

Executive Security Solutions with Huffmaster

When living a high-profile lifestyle, there can be many perks. However, the downside of being a celebrity, executive, dignitary or other high-profile individual is that the risks associated with this lifestyle are often higher. Executive protection is frequently […]

Single-Source Provider for Hospital Strikes from Huffmaster

When labor disputes threaten your place of business, it is important to act quickly. It can be an overwhelming task to identify and locate everything necessary to ensure that your healthcare facility remains functional. However, as a leading […]

Disaster Help Options from Huffmaster

As our technologies become more innovative and allow for better tracking of potential natural disasters, many business owners may believe that will be prepared should a disaster strike. However, as we have found out with large storms, such […]

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