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Healthcare Strikes

Huffmaster is a nationally recognized healthcare staffing and healthcare strike security services provider.  As a single-source solution for the healthcare industry, we tailor the following services to your needs:

  • Contingency Planning
  • Temporary Replacement Healthcare Personnel
  • Strike Trained Security & Transportation Personnel

Before you enter contract negotiations, Huffmaster will provide you with a cost-effective and customized strike contingency plan that will strengthen your bargaining position. Included in that contingency plan will be a detailed proforma estimating your daily costs for personnel, travel, housing, logistics and security. You will have the confidence of knowing you can operate through a strike and just as important, know all of the costs associated with those operations. This allows you to negotiate in the best interest of your facility and community without making contract concessions due to lack of personnel.  Your strike contingency plan – including nurses, technicians and support staff – will be designed to keep your facility fully operational through a strike, a lockout or work stoppage due to a disaster.

In addition to specializing in the recruitment and deployment of highly-skilled and qualified healthcare workers, our goal is to reduce your upfront commitment fees. We offer an industry low 48-hour minimum guarantee for nurse deployments. Our healthcare staffing and healthcare strike solutions are tailored to your specific needs, and adapt to existing resources to provide you with a cost-effective crisis staffing solution.

As the nation’s premier single-source provider, Huffmaster coordinates the transportation and logistics of replacement workers as well as healthcare strike security officers to protect your facility, personnel, patients and their families.

No one wants to endure a labor dispute or crisis healthcare staffing situation – but Huffmaster’s services provide you with the ability to maintain business as usual, should a strike occur.

Click here to visit the Huffmaster Healthcare Strikes Website.

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