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Every year, thousands of companies go out of business due to avoidable employee thefts, vandalism and lawsuits brought on by employee misfeasance and other internal control factors.

Huffmaster is capable of conducting many types of corporate investigations that lead to a safer and more secure work environment for your people and your assets. We can provide investigators with specific expertise that matches your investigation needs, whether it is interviewing employees, obtaining evidence, conducting surveillance or deploying an undercover operative. We can assist with your concerns over theft of finished product, raw material or scrap; we can help you find and recover diverted assets, we can help you identify how employees are stealing as well as who is stealing.

Our experts work closely with you. Huffmaster’s investigative staff has several decades of investigative experience – ranging from manufacturing, research and development, retail, chemical, aerospace, automotive, commercial, education and more. We will be happy to discuss with you the best type of investigation that supports your desired outcomes.   Your concern and our expertise will shape the type of investigation to be conducted.  That is why Huffmaster attempts to thoroughly understand your concerns and your organization.

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