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Protective Services

Huffmaster has a 50-year history of providing a comprehensive array of protective services.  Most of these services have traditionally been viewed as a physical presence of security personnel.   While most would agree that actual protection requires a physical presence, it is equally correct that today’s technology certainly can reduce the numbers of personnel required to be effective.   Huffmaster offers the complete and integrated spectrum of people and technology that includes:

  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Plain Clothes Security Officers
  • Executive Protection
  • Investigations and more

At Huffmaster, we recognize that every customer is unique and we can’t deploy an exact solution until we understand your needs. Huffmaster begins each job with a complete needs analysis.  In many instances, a comprehensive vulnerability assessment is also performed.  Once we understand exactly what our customer needs, we work with them to customize the solution.  By engineering the correct blend of technology and people, the result is a highly efficient and cost effective security program.

Click here to visit the Huffmaster Protective Services Website.

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